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Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death and Rebirth Review

This is just a quick little review that I wrote on IMDb, but I figured I may as well publish it also, as I haven’t posted here for waaaaaaay to long. Not the most complex thing I’ve ever written, but still something to read. Enjoy!

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death and Rebirth is a 1997 film that acts as both a recap of the original series Neon Genesis Evangelion and a preview for the at-the-time upcoming film The End of Evangelion. The Death and Rebirth in the title refers to the two segments of the film; Death being the recap, and Rebirth being the first half an hour of EoE.

At the time of the film’s release, the film was supposed to act as an alternative to watching the original 26 episode series, most likely to draw in non-fans to come and see End of Evangelion. In my opinion however, the film isn’t a very good alternative to watching the original series. It’s organised out of chronological order and forgoes a lot of the plot to give brief outlines of the main character’s personalities, which could lead to a fair amount of confusion. Most of the animation in the “Death” segment is just reused footage from the series. The only parts of the film that are not reused are scenes where the three main leads practice classical music, which are more or less purposeless and really only serve as an excuse to listen to nice music. If you had not seen the original series before watching this, I would guess that you would be rather confused.

However if you are a fan of this franchise (like me), you’ll probably quite enjoy it. Though the recap is strangelyorganised, it’s still Evangelion, which is inherently pretty cool if you love the show. The organisation can be seen as an interesting new way to experience the show, and it can also act as a nice refresher on the events of the series. While The End of Evangelion segment is kind of pointless, it’s still the End of Evangelion, which, in my opinion, is one of the best animated films ever made, so watching a bit of it is hardly a bad thing.

Still, the film only really functions as a curiosity piece for super fans. If you are not super invested in the franchise already, you probably don’t even know it exists, and if you do, you probably don’t care.

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First thoughts on Myriad Colours Phantom World


 Well. I guess Kyoto Animation have now made two shit shows.

So, I watched the first episode of Kyoto Animation’s new show Myriad Colours Phantom World, and well……


Okay, think of every shitty light novel adaptation you’ve ever seen.

Add even more obnoxious fanservice.

Triple the production values.

And then a hefty layer of dissapointment.

I’m a big fan of Kyoto Animation’s work. One of their more popular series, the Haruhi Suzumiya franchise, sitting in the (subject to change) Holy Trinity of of my favourite shows, along with Neon Genesis Evangelion and Cowboy Bebop. They have pretty much always delivered consistently good to great work, with their only major misfire being the second season of Chuninbyo. Well. That was until this came out, and trust me when I say this is bad. Now you may say “BUT IT’S ONLY THE FIRST EPISODE. HOW CAN YOU JUDGE A SERIES BEFORE IT’S EVEN FINISHED?” and you may be right. Maybe I shouldn’t judge a series by its premiere alone. But I’m quite confident that this won’t be getting any better. And if it does people who read this and care enough can come back and get the satisfaction of telling me I was wrong and I shouldn’t be such a judgemental idiot.

If it were any other production studio handling this I would not be nearly as dissapointed as I am. I would just brush it off as yet another piece of churned out cash grab bullshit that seems to fill in the gaps of every passing season, disappearing from the viewer’s mind as quickly as it appears. But this is Kyoto Animation…. I expect better from them. 

Anyway, if there is one good thing about this show, it’s the way it looks. Kyoto Animation never fail to deliver gorgeous art.   Every thing in this show pops out at you, from the colours to the obnoxious fanservice. It all looks great. 

Barely anything to go on plot wise: mostly bad jokes, character introductions and, of course,  boobies. The only thing I could decipher  from what little the audience is told is that this appears to be basically Beyond the Boundary without any of the charm and all the seriousness sucked into a small safe where it may or may not get used for more worthwhile projects. Characters are bland at best and obnoxious at worst. I don’t remember anything about the music other than the totally okay OP, so I assume it was probably pretty mediocre.

Overall this show appears to be a steaming pile of horseshit that is only worth watching if you like pretty art and don’t want to watch hentai to see big anime breasts. I’ll keep watching it, partially to see if it miraculously gets any better, and partially to rip it apart in a review when it completes its run.

Also, Happy New Year!

Praise Haruhi.

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Shimoneta anime review 

It’s been far too long since I reviewed some thing crappy, and also I’m in a location where the wifi doesn’t really let me do anything else, so I figure why the hell not tear some shitty anime into tiny bloody pieces. As I am overseas and that whole “I’ll write a journal while I’m away” thing didn’t come to fruition I’ve been on a kind of radio silence for the last whatever it was. Also you know that Gurren Lagann review I said I’d do? Yeah fuck that. Just know it’s good and you should watch it. And I’m a bit sick of the current review system so I’m removing grading from all categories and just giving a final verdict as well as cutting out the enjoyment section entirely in favour of just incorporating it into the final verdict. Clear? Ok, now that’s all out of the way, let’s vomit some opinions into your eyeballs shall we?


The story of “Shimoneta” or as it’s called in English “A Boring World Where Dirty Jokes Don’t Exist” is as such: it’s been ten years since Japan passed laws which outlawed all things dirty, lewd, naughty or whatever you wanna call things you’re not supposed to talk about in the school yard about (Sex, porn, “dirty” words etc). Regardless of the fact that this would bring Japan’s already diminishing birth rates to an absolute zero as no one knows how to make babies, Japan goes on and is regarded as a ” pure ” country. However, not everyone is happy with this, because in this weird world there exist people called DIRTY TERROISTS who spread bad words, porn, etc, one of whom is Blue Snow, who is a high school girl who dresses up in a bedsheet and a pair of panties on her face and goes on her noble mission to educate the public on all matters sex by running around swearing, making dirty jokes, and throwing out free echii (WOOT WOOT WOOT). To help her, she recruits generic anime protagonist 111111119 who is so forgettable I’ve completely forgotten his name. So, for this review,  we’re gonna call him Colin. 

Colin is however none too pleased with the fact that he is being forced to become a dirty terroist and heavily resists in one of the first feeble attempts at comedy until SPOILERS he realises that he does like being a dirty terroist and thus shenanigans ensue.

Shimoneta’s story is trying to juggle being social commentary on censorship in Japan and an ecchi comedy at the same time and unfortunately does neither too well, with the social commentary coming off as being incredibly heavy haned and the “comedy” being the equivalent of a bunch of irritating six year olds running around the playground saying ” naughty ” words with a good helping of fan service thrown in. Either way neither is very entertaining or good.


The characters of Shimoneta are painful and repetitive. As well as Colin and Blue Snow (aka Kajo) there is a whole cast of painfully boring characters including various members of their dirty terroist group and lots of other boring side characters. Blue Snow repeatedly yells swear and dirty jokes, Colin resists heavily or  and kind of acts as a straight man, Anna lusts over Colin and weird scientist girl keeps trying to figure out what sex is. There, characters summed up. I know I didn’t even tell you about them before and probably won’t again, and that’s because they’re shit. Next category.


Shimoneta was animated by JC staff, who previously animated one of my favourite anime, Toradora, and the still-quite-good Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo.  Shimoneta looks alright visually,  its not exactly a thing to right home about and nothing to really hate either, just average. I do like Blue Snow’s design though.


Not particularly great, nothing very bad, again, pretty average. Does feature quite a catchy little opening though. No dub to speak of at this time, but it’s been licensed by Funimation, so I’m sure there will be one.  The Japanese is fine though, though Blue Snow’s bleating does get pretty tiresome after a while.

Final verdict

For a show so heavily focused on ecchi and sex, you’d think it would be pretty hard for a show like this to be boring. Somehow, it manages this, through it’s shitty characters and poor dialogue. Unless you have a need to watch people running around screaming words you wouldn’t say to your grandmother (Unless you do, in which case, you do you), give this one a pass.

Grade: D

Shimoneta is available for streaming on Animelab in sub for free in Australia and Funimation’s website for free if you live in the U.S. or Canada.

Also I have  a MyAnimeList account for a while now, but have forgotten to mention it on here so, there! You can find me at itstune there if you’re curious to see what I’ve rated things or whatever.

Spice and Wolf I and II anime review

Hello there! How are you? To be honest, I don’t really care, I just needed a way to start this off. Well, I’m aware that I haven’t posted anything for the past three weeks, which can be attributed to several factors, including, but not limited to: Laziness, illness, and forgetfulness.  Anyway, let’s get on with yet another anime review, because I can’t be bothered to tell you my opinions on anything else. You can attribute this to nothing going on that I really want to talk about. So, let’s get on with the review, shall we?



Spice and Wolf is the tale of a merchant called Lawrence and an anthropomorphic Wolf God called Holo, and their trials and tribulations in the world of medieval economics, as well as their slowly growing romance. Despite how strange and silly this sounds, it actually works really well. This can be attributed to the two main characters and their interactions. The story isn’t what really makes this show as awesome as it is, but it is still pretty entertaining, and I dare say that I actually got really invested in all the economics, usually because it would end up getting the characters into deep shit, and I wanted to see them get out of it. You will probably be more invested in the romance between the two mains, which by the end of the show had me shipping Holo and Lawrence like you wouldn’t believe. The only real problem with it is the ending. Spice and Wolf doesn’t really end on a satisfying conclusion, and as a season 3 seems almost impossible at this point, the only way to really get a satisfying conclusion is to read the light novels, which I will be doing hopefully quite soon. Otherwise, the story was pretty awesome. 

Overall grade: A


This is by far the best part of this show, specifically in it’s mains. As I previously mentioned, the character interaction between Holo and Lawrence is absolutely brilliant, mainly due to how awesome Holo is. She pretty much elevates this show to much greater heights the it would have otherwise reached, and stands as my favourite female character in anime to date. As well as that, Lawrence plays off Holo very nicely, often being incredibly calm and controlled in contrast to Holo’s rather outgoing personality, though when shit gets bad, this often changes to the other way round. The rest of the supporting cast is great too. 

Overall grade: A


The animation for the show is pretty awesome. While it’s not usually the most action packed thing in the world, it is rather beautiful. Interestingly enough, the animation for the two seasons was done by two different studios, with season 1 being animated by Imagin and the second by Brain’s Base. I wouldn’t say that either season is really superior to the other, as Brain’s Base kept the animation pretty similar to the first, which is a good thing. 

Overall grade: A



The music for Spice and Wolf was composed by Yūji Yoshino, who did a great job with this soundtrack. It sort of reminds of the music for the game Tearaway, which is to say it sounds like folk music, which fits the show pretty well in my opinion. As well as that, both openings and endings are great.

Sub and Dub

Now, I watched this show with subs, as I generally do with most shows, and was very impressed with the voice acting overall. Jun Fukuyama was great as Lawrence, and Ami Koshimizu was excellent as Holo, and the supporting cast was pretty awesome as well. For the reasons of review I watched an episode dubbed to see what it was like, and to be honest I just couldn’t get behind this dub. It wasn’t bad by any stretch of the imagination, but it just wasn’t that that great though. I am told by others that this actually a pretty decent dub, so it is possible that I just need to get used to the English voices.

Music: A

Sub: A

Dub: B (I will give it the benefit of the doubt for now)

Entertainment Value

Spice and Wolf is a supremely entertaining show to watch, mainly because of the characters and the agonisingly slow romance (which is not a bad thing in this case). As well as that, the economics is surprisingly enthralling at times. All in all, it’s just a fun show to watch that will attack your feelings every so often in a variety of ways.

Final Verdict

Spice and Wolf is just great. Great story. Great characters. Great animation. Everything is great. This show stands as one of my favourite anime to date, even if it didn’t end exactly as well as it could have. Even so, I highly reccomend it to anyone interested in a unique, good romance/adventure series.

Overall grade: A

Death Note Anime Review

Hello there! How are you? I’m sorry that there has been no blog post for about two weeks, but I was on holidays, and I am super lazy on my holidays, even more so then I already am. But that was the past. This is the now!  Let’s get on with this slightly rambly review of the incredibly popular DEATH NOTE, and vomit some of my opinions into your brain. BEGIN!


Death Note is the story of Light Yagami, an incredibly bored high school student and genius (because of course he is) who one day notices a notebook FALL FROM THE SKY! But this is no ordinary note book, this book is the the titular DEATH NOTE, a book that enables it’s user to kill a person with a heart attack, simply by writing their name in this book. But where did this notebook come from you say? Well, as a matter of fact, it was dropped there by Ryuk, a shinigami (death god) who is also incredibly bored, and wants to cause a bit of chaos in the human world.  When Light initially discovers the book, he dismisses it as an elaborate prank, but after testing it on a criminal on TV and discovering it works, he decides that , after a bit of horrified awe and denial, he is now JUSTICE, and will be the god of a new world of peace and order. But not everyone likes this, one of those people being our other primary protaganist L, the worlds greatest detective. I could tell you more, but I’ll refrain from doing so as it will bog down this already way too long paragraph. What you really need to know is that what follows is a series of pshycological battles between our two primary protaganists, and it is immensely entertaining. Well, at least until the last 17 episodes. Then the show does a thing that pissed a lot of people off, and takes a flip and goes even more batshit insane. 

Over all, I found the story of Death Note to be highly entertaining, especially the first 20 episodes or so, where all the mind games and insanity happens. There’s alway some kind of twist or cliffhanger that will make you want to keep watching, and watching, and watching, right up to the highly controversial twist kind of thing, where the show becomes, depending on who you’re talking to, a horrible hell spawn of a thing, or becomes even better then it already was. Personally, I didn’t mind that second arc, though it definitely wasn’t as good as the first. Either way, I found the story to be very enjoyable, even with its flaws.

Grade: A


The characters of Death Note are, for the most part, pretty great. Our anti-hero, Light, is one of the most enjoyably horrible characters that I have ever had the pleasure of viewing, with his crazed laughter and grand plans. As well that, unlike one of his closest counterparts in anime, Lelouch Vi Britannia, he is pretty much irredeemably horrible, yet strangely your probably going to find yourself rooting for him more then once, as, like most psychopaths, he is incredibly charismatic. Though that could be because of Ryuk, the shinigami who hangs around Light for the vast majority of the show. Ryuk is arguably the best character in the show, providing some much needed comedic relief, as well dropping exposition dumps about all the various rules of the Death Note.

And finally, we have L, the worlds greatest detective. L is calm, controlled, and secretive. The vast majority of his prior life is kept secret, to the point that even his true name is never revealed. He is also highly eccentric because reasons,sitting strangely and having an affinity for sugary things being some of his more recognisable traits. He’s on slightly higher moral ground then Light, but like most of the characters in this show, he can be kind of awful at times as well. He’s also a lot of a fun to watch.

I don’t have time to cover the entirety of the supporting cast, but just go forth knowing that for the most part, they are pretty great. Except Near. Screw Near.

Grade: A


The visuals for Death note are absolutely great. There’s not much else I can say about them other then that. The designs are creative, it’s supremely well directed, and it’s generally just a massive pile of win.


The music for Death Note is appropriately dramatic. It contains lots of Latin choirs and orchestral sounding music that fit the show very well. My only problem with it being that some times it can get a little silly, with the most blatant example of this being the infamous potato chip scene, where Light eats a potato chip in dramatic slow motion with the quote on quote “epic” music playing. I presume the creators intended this to be dramatic but it just comes off as absolutely hilarious. There are several moments like this, but they sort of just add to the show’s charm. Also, I would be much remissed to not mention the shows second opening. I do not know what kind of drugs the animators were on when they made this, and the same goes for the musicians. What I do know, however, is that it’s freaking amazing. And the first opening’s pretty good as well.

In regards to sub vs dub, it really is a matter of personal preference. In some regards, I do prefer the dub, mainly for the portrayals of L and Ryuk, but the sub has Mamoru Miyamo as Light, and Mamoru Miyamo is frigging amazing. So, in the end, it’s up to you.


Music: B

Dub: A

Sub: A

Entertainment Value

When it’s at it’s best, Death Note is extremely entertaining, particularly the physcological battles between our two main characters. And even after the main twist, the show is still enjoyable. Perhaps not as much as the first arc, but still good nonetheless.

Grade: A

Final Verdict

Death note is pretty awesome. While it’s not permanently excellent at all times, it is highly entertaining. The animation is stellar, the characters are insane, the plot is gripping. And I guess should also say something about the ending. To summarise my thoughts briefly without actually spoiling it, I didn’t think it was that bad. It could’ve ended better sure, but I can’t think how. Anyway, in the end, you have here a very enjoyable series. I highly recommend it.

Overall Grade: A

Until the next post!

Code Geass Review AKA Hypocrisy to the Max

Message from the future Tune. This review is not very well written and is sort of shit. I do not like the show in question as much as I did when I wrote this. I still recommend it but it is not as good as I make it out to be. Also I ripped some passages from the amazing Glass Reflection subconsciously because I was bad at thinking of words to express my opinions. Please go check him out if you’re not already aware of him as he is excellent. Ok I think that’s it. Enjoy this shitty review.

So, do you, dear reader, remember the other day when I reviewed an anime called Sword Art Online? You know, the one that I thoughts was, frankly, a bit shit? Well, the reason I wrote that review was because my good friend Dunn (not his real name) who has his own site which I’m now obligated to plug ( was going on about it, saying that it was his favourite anime, nay, favourite TV SHOW, and that it was THE GREATEST ANIME EVER (I may be slightly misquoting him) . And I gave him shit for being a fanboy and not having a critical eye and bladibladi blah. Well guess what I’m about to do?



First, Story

Ok, as I’ve done before, I’m not going to be delving into Code Geass’s story due to a massive amount of laziness and also being really bad at describing stuff in writing. So, I’ll just lay my opinions on you without any kind of summary.

The story of Code Geass, is to put it quite frankly, a blast. In lots of regards it feels a lot like the also excellent Death Note, another show which is very dear to my heart, in that that everything that happens in the show feels like it has purpose to the continuing plot, and the repercussions of those actions can be felt ages into the show. This also means there’s no filler and if there’s one thing I hate in anime, it’s FUCKING FILLER. Naming no names, pretty much every shonen series over one hundred episodes.

Grade: A

Next, Characters

I love the characters in this show. I’m also perfectly aware that at least 50 percent of them are the biggest hams out, but I couldn’t care less. They are awesome to watch, especially the main protaganist LELOUCH VI BRITTANIA, a character so incredibly DRAMATIC that , as I have stated previously, his name must be written in ALL CAPS. The best way I can describe Lelouch is Light Yagami, but with even more maniacal laughter and dramatic arm waving, as well as being 100 percent more FABULOUS.

The supporting cast is also great, with pretty much all of the characters who have more then one line rolls getting a decent to massive amount of character development. And you know how much I love character development. *cough cough, SAO, cough cough*

Grade: A


The animation for Code Geass is absolutely stunning. The action scenes look awesome and crisp, it’s colourful and everything on screen pops. The only thing that some people may not like is the character designs. Code Geass has an art style where all the characters are very tall and lanky, which may bother some people. Personally, I liked it, but you should be aware of it. Also there’s the obligatory mention of the slightly irritating fanservice, though I will give the show props for having both female and male fanservice, something that lots of shows neglect to do.

Grade: A


I’ll start off by talking about the music here. The music for Code Geass is, like the rest of the show, bombastic and loud, which is awesome. There’s lots of big brass instruments and dramatic sounding stuff and it’s generally pretty magical. It’s not the best soundtrack I’ve ever heard, but it’s still very good. The only thing that some may dislike is the openings. I personally love all of them except the second opening of season one, though a friend say that they’re actually kinda shit, so there’s that.

Now, the voice acting. The voice acting for Code Geass is awesome, silly, and brilliant all at the same time. That is, if you’re watching in Japanese. If you’re watching it with the English dub, then it’s a blighted hell spawn that should have never existed.

So yeah, watch it with subs.


Music: B

Voice acting:

Subs: A

Dub: D

Entertainment Value

Code Geass is entertaining in the same way that shows like Death Note are entertaining, and yes, I will keep referencing these two because they are incredibly similar. It’s a ton of fun to watch somebody think they’re the cleverest person in the whole world and then have their plans slowly crumble beneath their feet. Combine that with the awesome action scenes (something Death Note doesn’t have), INSANE characters and gripping plot, you have yourself a hugely entertaining show.

Grade: A

Final Verdict:

In the end, I adore this show. As well as all the reasons above there’s also the shows beautiful ending, which I have discussed previously ( shameless plug ). In the end, I cannot recommend Code Geass enough, though as a fan boy, I’m kind of obligated to. If it sounds awesome from what you’ve heard here or some other place, WATCH IT. If it sounds kinda shit, just give it a try, you might just be surprised.

Overall: A

Code Geass is available on DVD and Bluray from Funimation Entertainment. BUY ALL OF IT. NOW. GO.


 Review of Sword Art Online

Message from future Tune. This review is not that great as I wrote it when I was even more shit at writing then I currently am. I was also way too forgiving. Don’t watch this show. Please. It sucks. Enjoy the not too good review.

So, let’s have a talk about SAO.

I have quite a few feelings on SAO, so I’m gonna rip off my good friend dunnstheorys (follow him, he’s actually not that awful) and divide this review up into sections of things, and score them on their own. Unlike him, I’m going to give a final score. I will try and give as few spoilers as I can.

First up, Story

To tell up you the truth, I really can’t be bothered to recount the story of SAO, so I’m afraid That you will have to google it if you want to find that out. So, I presume you now know the premise of the show, and now you’ll understand the opinions I’m spewing without being confused. Not to put to fine a point on it, the story of SAO is a massive mess. The story suffers from not being able to keep its tone in check. One minute, everything will be DARK AND SERIOUS, and the next, there’ll be some “wacky” (in massive airquotes) hijinks, involving accidental breast groping ( P.S none of the “comedy” in this show is even remotely funny). Now, other shows have been able to pull this off (e.g Trigun ), but those shows are able to seamlessly transition between the two, or be more heavily focused on one part of those two. Also, there’s like a shit ton of filler in the first arc, including one where the protagonist goes fishing, because, fishing. And there’s the fucking romance….. Look I could go on and on, but all you really need to know is that SAO’s story is the vast majority of the time, kinda shit.

Partial achievement

Next characters

Oh god. Not the characters. Anything but the fucking characters…

Our main protagonist, Kirito, is basically the ultimate Nerdy teenage boy power fantasy. He’s a loner, yet kicks heaps of ass. He’s not incredibly attractive, yet all the female characters adore him. He’s also barely a character. He doesn’t really have any unique traits, other then the fact that he always wins (he’s basically Jesus) and seems to be kind of emotionless.

Next, our female lead, Asuna. Asuna starts off with the potential to be a badass female protagonist who kicks just as much ass as the leading man, if not more, and doesn’t take any crap from anyone. Too bad she gets relegated to Kirito’s undying lover pretty much the second time she shows up, and then moved to damsel in distress in the second arc.

Also Leafa, Asuna’s replacement in the second arc. She’s kinda the same, but with added incest! (Cringe cringe cringe)

Plus a bunch of supporting characters who barely deserve a mention, as long as you remember that all the females love Kirito (cringe to infinity)

Minimal achievement


SAO’s animation is gorgeous. There isn’t much else I can say about it. The fight scenes are fluid and awesome to look at, the scenery is stunning and the characters are well made. It obvious that this show had great production values. The only thing that irks me is the amount of fanservice in this show, because there is a lot. Other wise, excellent.

Excellent achievement


SAO’s soundtrack is another of this shows big pluses, with bueatiful quiet pieces for the slower moments of the show and MASSIVE BOMBASTIC PIECES FOR ALL THE ACTION. Also, both openings for the show are fucking awesome.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the shows voice acting. Whether you’re watching this dubbed or subbed, brace yourself for a load of mediocre to awful voice acting. Especially watch out if you can’t handle subtitles, because the dub is only slightly better then a bunch of irritating prebubescent children yelling at you while sawing your leg off.

Music: Excellent achievement

Voice acting: Partial achievement

Entertainment Value 

Despite all this, SAO is a lot of fun to watch when it’s doing what it does well. Action scenes are excellent to look at and the the melodrama can be incredibly amusing. I would say this probably best for either binge watching when you’re bored or with a bunch of friends and need some thing to laugh at. While it’s not always good for the right reasons, SAO is generally pretty fun to watch, other then some of the painfully boring filler.

Good achievement

Final verdict 

Sword Art Online isn’t the greatest show in the whole world. At points, it can actually be awful. This isn’t a show that will have you invested in it’s great characters or compelling story line, as much as it you wants to be, but it is pretty fun to watch. If you’re  bored on a weekend and want something to power through, I would recommend this. If your looking for something with an engaging narrative and complex characters you’d be better off with something like Death Note or Code Geass. Otherwise, not as good as it could have been, but still not as bad.

Overall: Satisfactory Achievement

Sword Art Online is available on DVD in four overly expensive volumes. It is also available for streaming on Netflix.

P.S. this only covers my thoughts on the first season. SAO II is a another beast entirely that I may or may not get around to covering some other time. We’ll have to wait and see in regards to that one.