Month: January 2017

Where Have You Been? / The Future of This Blog Going Forward

Hello people! All… 5 of you. Long time no see, eh? How’s things? You can’t answer that question? Because this is not a conversation?

Well alright then…

Anyway, hi! If you forgot about this blog, you’re not the only one. So did the writer himself! For you see, for the-past-however-long-it’s-been-since-I-last-posted, I have been lost in a great variety of things, namely school, laziness, reading better film writers than myself (and by that plural “writers” I mean just Tim Brayton), and my pathetic attempt to complete my monstrously huge and ever growing IMDb watch-list. I haven’t really stopped writing, but I have stopped publishing. So you may ask, what have I been writing? Well, other than a few attempts at actual screenwriting (I forgot to mention, I’ve also developed vague delusions of wanting to work as a filmmaker), mostly I have been keeping a film diary, wherein I write my brief thoughts on a film, but without actually doing a proper plot-summary, or full on delving into the film. Rambles, basically.

That quality of rambling, mild-incoherence, is what has kept me from actually publishing them. However, since barely anyone reads this blog in the first place, I  have now decided I may as well put them up here. It would certainly be better than what currently lives on this blog..

*looks over to old anime reviews*


As well, as that, I might occasionally write some full on analysis type things on either broad topics or specific films/anime/whatever. Who knows, maybe if I’m feeling particularly courageous, I’ll actually talk about politics, rather than just retweeting smarter people than myself (shameless plug: twitter @danieltunetweet).

Anyhow, TL;DR

Where have you been?

Doing nerdy teenager stuff.

The future of this blog going forward?

Short writeups about what films I’ve been watching, and maybe some analysis type things if I have the time.

Also, here’s the first of of those short film not-quite-reviews, so you can see how things are going to work:

Paterson (2016)

Jim Jarmusch’s latest. Excellent. Like most of his filmography, its chill as all hell, with close-to-no plot. This one is particularly plotless, even among his other works, from what I can tell (I’m not nearly as caught up with his filmography as I should be). How plotless, you might ask? Virtually no drama for all but the last twenty minutes of the movie. That’s the level of plotlessness we’re on. It just calmly observes the life of this person, over the course of one week. There is virtually no real conflict to speak of, with all the characters of the film being essentially nice people, who very rarely do anything particularly objectionable, and on the rare occasion they do, the film is less intent on condemning them and more on understanding them. Like I said, the only real hints of drama come towards the end,and they’re all resolved fairly quickly. And that lack of any real plot or tension is why I loved it as much as I did. The film is far more concerned with the tiny details of a person’s life, the subtle changes that occur over the course of the week, and the things that stay the same. The film’s main character is a poet (though not a published one), and, fittingly enough, I’ve heard many people call the structure of the film itself poetic, with each day functioning like a stanza does (an observation that, obviously, I agree with). In some ways, it is a profoundly simple film, and in others it is an incredibly complex one. There’s so much I haven’t touched on, and there’s so much to love about it. Maybe after a couple more viewings I’ll actually write something about it that is more in depth than this brief diary entry. But I’m pretty sure the blu-ray is a long way off, so until that time comes, I’ll just say that I really loved it.