Month: February 2016


DISCLAIMER: This is actually school work, but as I haven’t had time to write anything much recently, I thought that I’d put this up there as it seems pretty relevant to this blog. Enjoy the hyperbole!

Not too long ago, I was a fairly regular person. I played video games, I watched Marvel Movies, and I found primary school boring. I wanted to have something new to talk about. Something different I had never seen the likes of before. Something new.

I decided to check out this ‘anime’ thing that people kept talking about. Apparently they were cartoons from Japan, but they were not for 5 year olds. THEY WERE FOR GROWNUPS. They had violence and death, demons and serial killers. This was interesting to my ‘TAKE ME SERIOUSLY I’M ELEVEN NOW’ self. I did some research on the web and found about one of these ‘anime’, a show called Sword Art Online. It had video games, death, pretty girls, and lots of things that I thought were “COOL”. I watched it. “Hmmmmmm”, I thought. “These anime shows seem pretty cool!” 

I did more research. I decided to watch a show called Death Note. It was even edgier then before! There was murder, psychological mind games, and a despicable protagonist. I watched it over the course of 3 months. I loved it. I started to invest myself in anime culture. I spent lots of time on the internet looking at reviews and news. I was in deep, but not yet lost.
Then I watched this show called Code Geass….
This was the tipping point. This is how I got where I am today. This show ran for 50 episodes. I watched it in two weeks. Any attempts to save me at this point were useless. I was gone. I ate this show up like it was potato chips at a really boring party. I ADORED Code Geass. It was my LIFE. Soon enough, I was trying my hand at writing my own reviews on my god awful blog. I created a MyAnimeList account to catalogue the various things I was watching and had watched. I couldn’t stop talking about anime. It drove my family crazy.
That was nearly a year ago. Things have gotten both better and worse. I don’t talk about anime to my uninterested friends and family nearly as much. I don’t plough through stuff at quite such an alarming rate anymore. I’ve improved my critical thinking skills due to how much I watch.
On the other hand I have lost over 13 days of my life to 53 different shows and movies, many of which have questionable artistic merit. I have become a pretentious overly critical hypocrite who hates some things for the same reason he loves other things. I’ve spent more money on DVDs then I care to remember.
So please.
Don’t make the same mistakes I did.
Don’t sit through terrible shows just to make fun of them on your blog.
Don’t legitimately consider buying 200 dollar statues of fictional characters.
Be safe.
Enjoy this great hobby casually.
And for the love of Haruhi.

Don’t watch Sword Art Online.

It sucks.