Month: October 2015

Shimoneta anime review 

It’s been far too long since I reviewed some thing crappy, and also I’m in a location where the wifi doesn’t really let me do anything else, so I figure why the hell not tear some shitty anime into tiny bloody pieces. As I am overseas and that whole “I’ll write a journal while I’m away” thing didn’t come to fruition I’ve been on a kind of radio silence for the last whatever it was. Also you know that Gurren Lagann review I said I’d do? Yeah fuck that. Just know it’s good and you should watch it. And I’m a bit sick of the current review system so I’m removing grading from all categories and just giving a final verdict as well as cutting out the enjoyment section entirely in favour of just incorporating it into the final verdict. Clear? Ok, now that’s all out of the way, let’s vomit some opinions into your eyeballs shall we?


The story of “Shimoneta” or as it’s called in English “A Boring World Where Dirty Jokes Don’t Exist” is as such: it’s been ten years since Japan passed laws which outlawed all things dirty, lewd, naughty or whatever you wanna call things you’re not supposed to talk about in the school yard about (Sex, porn, “dirty” words etc). Regardless of the fact that this would bring Japan’s already diminishing birth rates to an absolute zero as no one knows how to make babies, Japan goes on and is regarded as a ” pure ” country. However, not everyone is happy with this, because in this weird world there exist people called DIRTY TERROISTS who spread bad words, porn, etc, one of whom is Blue Snow, who is a high school girl who dresses up in a bedsheet and a pair of panties on her face and goes on her noble mission to educate the public on all matters sex by running around swearing, making dirty jokes, and throwing out free echii (WOOT WOOT WOOT). To help her, she recruits generic anime protagonist 111111119 who is so forgettable I’ve completely forgotten his name. So, for this review,  we’re gonna call him Colin. 

Colin is however none too pleased with the fact that he is being forced to become a dirty terroist and heavily resists in one of the first feeble attempts at comedy until SPOILERS he realises that he does like being a dirty terroist and thus shenanigans ensue.

Shimoneta’s story is trying to juggle being social commentary on censorship in Japan and an ecchi comedy at the same time and unfortunately does neither too well, with the social commentary coming off as being incredibly heavy haned and the “comedy” being the equivalent of a bunch of irritating six year olds running around the playground saying ” naughty ” words with a good helping of fan service thrown in. Either way neither is very entertaining or good.


The characters of Shimoneta are painful and repetitive. As well as Colin and Blue Snow (aka Kajo) there is a whole cast of painfully boring characters including various members of their dirty terroist group and lots of other boring side characters. Blue Snow repeatedly yells swear and dirty jokes, Colin resists heavily or  and kind of acts as a straight man, Anna lusts over Colin and weird scientist girl keeps trying to figure out what sex is. There, characters summed up. I know I didn’t even tell you about them before and probably won’t again, and that’s because they’re shit. Next category.


Shimoneta was animated by JC staff, who previously animated one of my favourite anime, Toradora, and the still-quite-good Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo.  Shimoneta looks alright visually,  its not exactly a thing to right home about and nothing to really hate either, just average. I do like Blue Snow’s design though.


Not particularly great, nothing very bad, again, pretty average. Does feature quite a catchy little opening though. No dub to speak of at this time, but it’s been licensed by Funimation, so I’m sure there will be one.  The Japanese is fine though, though Blue Snow’s bleating does get pretty tiresome after a while.

Final verdict

For a show so heavily focused on ecchi and sex, you’d think it would be pretty hard for a show like this to be boring. Somehow, it manages this, through it’s shitty characters and poor dialogue. Unless you have a need to watch people running around screaming words you wouldn’t say to your grandmother (Unless you do, in which case, you do you), give this one a pass.

Grade: D

Shimoneta is available for streaming on Animelab in sub for free in Australia and Funimation’s website for free if you live in the U.S. or Canada.

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