Month: September 2015

I don’t wanna fly

Hello there, I know that my last blog was about fear, but I’m terrified and seek solace through gurgling those scared thoughts directly onto to your face. So, basically, I’m going on plane in a few short days. It’s an overseas trip with my family, and to get there, we have to take a plane (SURPRISE). Unfortunately, I am currently in a state of extreme fear of having to get on plane for a long period of time. I’m paranoid as all fuck that something’s going to happen and I am getting really sick of this stupid fear. I’ve always had a fear of plane travel, though in recent years I thought I had gotten over that. However, all of the previous flights I had been on had been domestic, this is my first overseas trip. I’m never scared during the day, only at night, when my imagination runs away with itself. I’m aware that plane travel is statistically quite safe, but the irrational part of my brain has got quite the hold on this particular subject. I dunno, I’m just sick of being scared. If there is more then my real life friends reading this, advice would be much appreciated. 

Anyway, I just thought I should get that off my chest. I promise there will be a Gurren Lagann review up soon. On that subject, if I have enough people actually reading this blog to have a say, are you sick of anime reviews, or should I just keep at them? I’m not really sure. Anyway, if I actually get overseas without being scared shitless, I might put up some things about what I’m doing, basically a journal. 

Until next post.