NOPITY NOPE NOPE NOPE or a Story of Cowardice

Message from future Tune. This ramble is now outdated. I’ve seen AOT. FNAF is played out in my opinion. I’m watching Evangelion. I’m still a wuss though.

Finally, I hear you scream, one of my few viewers, a post that’s not a God forsaken anime review! Christmas has come early! World peace is restored! Finally, there shall be no more of that God forsaken BS. Well, I’m afraid you’ve been thrown for a loop, because, even though this is not technically an anime review, it has got a lot to do with one of my current obsessions. So, buckle up dear viewer, as today you’re going to hear about how much of a wuss I really am.

But first, for context:

Yesterday I started to watch the rather famous Neon Genesis Evangelion, other wise known as the super fucked up deconstruction of mecha anime that seems to be either the best thing ever or the worst, depending on who you ask. Anyway, I watched the first two episodes and was going along reasonably well, not mind blown or anything but certainly entertained until I got to the end of episode two and the main character Shinji has one of his many psychological breakdowns. Now, while this was pretty depressing to watch, I wasn’t feeling super disturbed or anything. So, I elected to go to bed after finishing that episode. Then, I noticed a creeping feeling of uneasiness and fear. Then I realised that NGE had gotten to me a lot more then thought I had. This made me have one of many NOPE NOPE NOPE moments. Which brings us to today’s ramble.

Basically, when I get disturbed enough by something, I will just freak the fuck out, run away from it and never touch it again. Other occasions on which it’s happened in the past six months include:

When my friend was playing Five Nights at Freddy’s and I left the room squealing with fear.

Trying to watch the first episode of Attack on Titan with that same friend and seeing the Titan that eats Eren’s mum and jumping back from the screen while hearing crunchy sounds and my friend laughing at me.

And various others that I can’t recall off the top of my head.

So, basically, I’m a massive scaredy cat and wish I wasn’t. Not my most substantial blog or thought provoking either (not that any really have been), more of a ramble/rant then anything, but I just like to have a little ramble sometimes. Anyway, for those who care, there will be a Gurren Lagann review up sooner rather then later hopefully, probably some time later this week. And no, for those who read the previous ramble blog, it’s not a perfect ten, that was the high of coming off the fantastic ending. If I had more then two regular viewers, I would say leave your scaredy cat stories down there, but I don’t, so I won’t.

Until next time, good luck in the big old blue world.


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