Spice and Wolf I and II anime review

Hello there! How are you? To be honest, I don’t really care, I just needed a way to start this off. Well, I’m aware that I haven’t posted anything for the past three weeks, which can be attributed to several factors, including, but not limited to: Laziness, illness, and forgetfulness.  Anyway, let’s get on with yet another anime review, because I can’t be bothered to tell you my opinions on anything else. You can attribute this to nothing going on that I really want to talk about. So, let’s get on with the review, shall we?



Spice and Wolf is the tale of a merchant called Lawrence and an anthropomorphic Wolf God called Holo, and their trials and tribulations in the world of medieval economics, as well as their slowly growing romance. Despite how strange and silly this sounds, it actually works really well. This can be attributed to the two main characters and their interactions. The story isn’t what really makes this show as awesome as it is, but it is still pretty entertaining, and I dare say that I actually got really invested in all the economics, usually because it would end up getting the characters into deep shit, and I wanted to see them get out of it. You will probably be more invested in the romance between the two mains, which by the end of the show had me shipping Holo and Lawrence like you wouldn’t believe. The only real problem with it is the ending. Spice and Wolf doesn’t really end on a satisfying conclusion, and as a season 3 seems almost impossible at this point, the only way to really get a satisfying conclusion is to read the light novels, which I will be doing hopefully quite soon. Otherwise, the story was pretty awesome. 

Overall grade: A


This is by far the best part of this show, specifically in it’s mains. As I previously mentioned, the character interaction between Holo and Lawrence is absolutely brilliant, mainly due to how awesome Holo is. She pretty much elevates this show to much greater heights the it would have otherwise reached, and stands as my favourite female character in anime to date. As well as that, Lawrence plays off Holo very nicely, often being incredibly calm and controlled in contrast to Holo’s rather outgoing personality, though when shit gets bad, this often changes to the other way round. The rest of the supporting cast is great too. 

Overall grade: A


The animation for the show is pretty awesome. While it’s not usually the most action packed thing in the world, it is rather beautiful. Interestingly enough, the animation for the two seasons was done by two different studios, with season 1 being animated by Imagin and the second by Brain’s Base. I wouldn’t say that either season is really superior to the other, as Brain’s Base kept the animation pretty similar to the first, which is a good thing. 

Overall grade: A



The music for Spice and Wolf was composed by Yūji Yoshino, who did a great job with this soundtrack. It sort of reminds of the music for the game Tearaway, which is to say it sounds like folk music, which fits the show pretty well in my opinion. As well as that, both openings and endings are great.

Sub and Dub

Now, I watched this show with subs, as I generally do with most shows, and was very impressed with the voice acting overall. Jun Fukuyama was great as Lawrence, and Ami Koshimizu was excellent as Holo, and the supporting cast was pretty awesome as well. For the reasons of review I watched an episode dubbed to see what it was like, and to be honest I just couldn’t get behind this dub. It wasn’t bad by any stretch of the imagination, but it just wasn’t that that great though. I am told by others that this actually a pretty decent dub, so it is possible that I just need to get used to the English voices.

Music: A

Sub: A

Dub: B (I will give it the benefit of the doubt for now)

Entertainment Value

Spice and Wolf is a supremely entertaining show to watch, mainly because of the characters and the agonisingly slow romance (which is not a bad thing in this case). As well as that, the economics is surprisingly enthralling at times. All in all, it’s just a fun show to watch that will attack your feelings every so often in a variety of ways.

Final Verdict

Spice and Wolf is just great. Great story. Great characters. Great animation. Everything is great. This show stands as one of my favourite anime to date, even if it didn’t end exactly as well as it could have. Even so, I highly reccomend it to anyone interested in a unique, good romance/adventure series.

Overall grade: A


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