Month: April 2015

Assassin’s Creed is Dying

And it’s a Slow and Painful death.

Right. Here some thoughts I wanted to spill out.
It appears to me that Assassin’s Creed as a series may be on its way to the constant mediocrity train. With the series being low in the public eye due to the incredibly buggy mess that Assassin’s Creed Unity launched as and the new the downloadable game, Chronicles: China launching to very lukewarm reviews, it is becoming increasingly apparent that a franchise I love is becoming, frankly, a bit shite.
As I scroll through the comment pages of Kotaku and IGN, there are many former fans of this series who now harbour hatred for it, or worse yet, are just bored. They say, and rightly so, that the franchise is now far too formulaic, always with similar story’s of:
The main character experiences some sort of trauma while they are young which is the fault of Templars.

They join the order of Assassins.

They then proceed to exact righteous revenge otherwise known as teenage boy power fantasy and be incredibly stealthy while doing it.
Or if your playing Rouge, swap the word Assassins with Templars.
Which is why AC IV was so good, because the formula was shaken up somewhat, with you being a greedy pirate in it for the money, and being on the whole very apprehensive of the Assassins for most of the game. Also you had a pirate ship. A FREAKING PIRATE SHIP. Granted, the whole power fantasy stuff was still there, but a least it was different.
And then Unity just went and redid AC II’s story plus a boring love story. Bah.
So I guess what I’m getting at here is that AC really needs to make some big change in its formula or risk dying out. I mean COD did it and was highly praised for it. But with the leaked Victory looking very much like Unity but with more London, I’m not liking it’s chances, though I will continue to hope that it might be awesome.
Thank you all for reading this poorly written Blog post, if there is anyone, but I just had these thoughts so I thought I’d share them, because that’s what Blogs are for.
Now I must sleep. Goodnight!


Hello Internet

Hello there!

My name is Tune. Welcome!

This is basically an intro post, detailing what will happen at this here blog.

It will probably all be extremely geeky, but this is my blog, and probably no one is reading it, so I really don’t care.

Here is what I will probably be doing here:
Video game reviews.

Movie reviews.


Lots to do with Anime, because I watch rather a lot of that.

Maybe comic reviews.

Book reviews.

And other random stuff that I don’t quite know at this point.
So if any of that takes your fancy, and you actually can be bothered reading a blog, join me on this, ultimately, rather pointless blog.
Side note: anything I review probably won’t be really new, but I probably will only have just played/watched/got/read.
Thank you for reading, and farewell.